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C Wilson Fraser – Bio

Born in Edinburgh, Scotland. Artistic career began in 1991, designing installations and backdrops for various Edinburgh nightclub promoters, notably Plexus. In 1994, after completing a series of blacklight murals in a large Edinburgh nightclub, moved to the US to paint a mural in a San Francisco nightclub. Between 1994 and 1999, toured the Bay Area rave scene, and became well known amongst promoters and rave organisers. In 1999, in San Francisco, became the art director for the Tantra group, and Blue Room Released (a London based record label), and designed and built installations at the Burning Man festival.

In 2004, moved to Tucson, Arizona, becoming involved with Solar Culture, a collaborative community studio and gallery space. Became involved in the downtown Tucson art and gallery scene. In 2008, co-owned and operated PLAY gallery in downtown Tucson, showcasing local artists and organising monthly community projects with local businesses and charities. In 2009, became co-director of Flow Gallery in Tucson.

Work can be seen on display in Solar Culture Gallery, the YMCA, and various other locations in Tucson. Engaged in many private shows and functions, selling to private collectors in the US and the UK, and completing commissions for public display.


Co-director, Flow Gallery, Tucson, AZ, 2009
Co-owner / Director, PLAY Gallery, Tucson AZ, 2008 - 2009
Art director, Tantra, San Francisco, CA, 2000 - 2001
Art director, Blue Room Released, San Francisco, CA, 1999
Art director, Plexus, Edinburgh, UK, 1991 – 1992


Email: yayo@popfutura.com
Phone: 646 535 0071 (US) 07856 791149 (UK)
Mailing Address: 1 Perth Road, Cowdenbeath, UK, KY4 9BD


Group Show, Flow Gallery, Tucson, AZ 2009
Group Show (POP-UP), Dinnerware Gallery, Tucson, AZ 2009
Group Show, Rocket Gallery, Tucson, AZ 2009
Group Show, Arts Incubator, Tucson, AZ 2008
Work on Display, PLAY Gallery, Tucson, AZ 2008 – 2009
Work on display, Hotel Congress, Tucson, AZ, 2007
Work on display, YMCA, Tucson, AZ, 2005 - Present
Work on display, Solar Culture, Tucson, AZ, 2004 - Present
Work on display, Dogger Fisher, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2003
Work on display, San Anselmo, California, 2002
Solo show, Mill Valley Books, Mill Valley, California, 1999
Work on display, Palm Springs, California, 1999
Work on display, Prescott, Arizona, 1998
Work on display, Mamones, San Francisco, California, 1997
Group show, Campbell, California, 1995
Work on display, Edinburgh Museum of Art, 1982
Many private shows and functions
Sales to many private collectors in the US and the UK
Commissions for public display

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