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This is Julescoon Champane Fizz at 9 months, she is a Red Silver Shaded, she was bred by Robert & Julie Gregson, I am so happy they finally decided to let me have this beautiful girl. Fizzy is Negative for the HCM myBCP gene (Negative Parents)

This is Caleycoon Mary Poppins, she is now 3 years old and has given me a couple of really nice litters of healthy kittens. She is negative of the HCM myBCP gene. Negative by parents.

This is Caleycoon Smoky Cascade (Cassie) she has yet to have kittens. She is a beautiful Tortie Smoke. She is negative of HCM myBCP gene. Negative by parents.

Suvicoon Angelicablue is a beautiful Blue Tortie Tabby.  She is a lovely big girl with a fantastic nature and has produced lovely kittens. (see past litters page). Bluebell tested Negative for the HCM myBCP gene, and is now retired

This is Georgia from my friend Elaine Campbell at Imladriscoons, I'm looking forward to having kittens from her when the time is right, thanks Elaine for this lovely girl.
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